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Meet the Candidates

New Leadership Needed for Our Community

Surekha COLLUR


Dr. Surekha Collur is a long-time resident of Holmdel who has run a thriving business, Bayshore Ophthalmology, for the past 20 years while raising her two sons with her husband, Uday.


Surekha’s surgical experience spans three continents and three decades: an MD degree from AAIMS India, an FRCS from the U.K., and an Ophthalmology residency and Glaucoma fellowship from SUNY Downstate and Tufts. She has business and leadership experience from running her own medical practice as well as training ophthalmology residents at SUNY Downstate as an Assistant Professor.

As a long-time resident, after her kids left for college, Surekha dedicated her time to Holmdel.  She is currently a member of the Holmdel Green Team and the Holmdel Zoning Board, where she brings her problem-solving approach to issues affecting the township.  She loves to travel and often enjoys down time with a good book.

Education, in particular, is close to Surekha’s heart, since she has personally experienced how it can change not only individual careers but improve communities. She believes education can develop a child’s innate interest about the world they live in.  The right balance of STEM, the arts, and athletics can provide the tools for children to succeed.  

Surekha will bring her organizational skills, attention to detail, and outcome-based plans in helping Holmdel Board of Education have the vision to equip our children with the best tools to succeed.

Weiping WANG

Weiping Wang started working at Bell Labs in Holmdel in 1998 and has lived in Holmdel for almost 20 years with his wife Huifang and three kids. His daughter Karen went through K-12 in Holmdel before attending college while his second daughter Annie is currently a junior at High Technology High School. His youngest son Jerry attends Satz .

Weiping has spent 20+ years designing and delivering innovative software and hardware solutions to service providers for network planning and management. He has worked with a number of OSS software vendors and start-ups in roles spanning across sales and system engineering, professional services and product management. Weiping currently works as technical leader for Cisco Systems. He has a bachelor's degree in Physics and a graduate degree in Computer Engineering.

While he is not busy with work, he enjoys tennis, hiking, and perfecting his nature photography.


Weiping's professional career in technology gives him an insider perspective on the importance of STEM and efficient organizations.  As a candidate for the Holmdel Board of Education, his experience will be an asset for implementing strong STEM curricula in schools and greater transparency and communication from the Holmdel Board of Education. 



Kimberly Tuccillo's parents moved to Holmdel 35 years ago in 1986. Kimberly and her three sisters all chose to raise their families in Holmdel as well. Between them, they have 10 children, from the oldest, who is entering Holmdel High School, to the youngest, who is in daycare. She and her husband David have 4 children -- Nicholas graduated from Holmdel High School in 2019, Madeline attends Satz, Amanda is at Indian Hill, and Thomas is at Village.

Kimberly has a B.S. from Ithaca College and a M.A. from Montclair State University. She has worked in Education for 21 years, as a Speech Language Pathologist and member of the Child Study Team for Special Education students. She is proud to be a part of the Freehold Township School District in this capacity. In addition to this role, she has been a Union Representative for the last 10 years. As such, Kimberly understands the importance of an open, honest, and transparent relationship between administration, district staff, the board of education, and the community.

For the past 2 years Kimberly has served on the HYAA as a softball commissioner. This role has included monthly meetings, the planning of the recreation season, rule adoption, organization meetings with neighboring towns, and scheduling. Additionally, she has served as assistant coach as needed and has been the team mom for softball organizing fundraisers and tournament arrangements/hotels.

For 15 years she has also worked at a local private practice and in homes within our community delivering speech and language therapy. She also frequently provides consultations and guidance to parents navigating the special education process, laws, and medical insurance issues for therapies.

Kimberly began attending St. Catharine’s Church when her parents moved to Holmdel 35 years ago. She has continued being an active member of the St. Catharine’s church community with her own family for the last 20 years.

 Kimberly is running for the Holmdel Board of Education because she has a vested interest in ensuring that the school district provides her children, and all children in Holmdel, a strong academic foundation to succeed in their future goals.



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