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Vote Collur, Tuccillo, and Wang for Holmdel BOE

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They will:

  • Improve communications, transparency, and accountability

  • Hire a permanent Superintendent - a collaborative choice with input from stakeholders conducted on a deliberative basis -  and key staff

  • Make classrooms fun and help students embrace challenges

  • Find the right balance of STEM and liberal arts together with sports and fine arts

  • Effectively spend budget dollars to increase academic standards AND spend below the state average




Feb. 3, 2022 - After we filed our ethics complaint against BOE member Terrence Wall for making false and misleading information, his lawyer filed a motion in November 2021 to dismissed our complaint and that it was frivolous.   This motion was NOT granted by the School Ethics Commission.


After they were sworn in as BOE members in January 2022, Dr. Surekha Collur and Kimberly Tuccillo, with agreement from candidate Weiping Wang, decided to withdraw their ethics complaint in the spirit to work collaboratively with the members of the school board.


On Feb. 3, 2022, the School Ethics Commission sent notification that it received the ethics complaint withdrawal because Complainants “believe that it will be in the public interest for a united School Board to work collaboratively on a going forward basis.”  Because of the withdrawal of the complaint, the Commission has now docketed the case as “Administratively Dismissed”.


See the complete unedited letter below as well as what was posted by Terrence Wall.


Let’s Put Children First, Not Politics!

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Holmdel BOE Member Terrence Wall Must Provide Proof or Resign


October 9, 2021 - Holmdel Township Board of Education candidates Surekha Collur, Kimberly Tuccillo and Weiping Wang filed an ethics code violation complaint against Terrence Wall with the School Ethics Commission of New Jersey.


The three candidates are now calling for Terrence Wall to provide evidence for his claim about the labor union running a ticket of three candidates for Holmdel Township Board of Education or RESIGN and be reprimanded by the Holmdel Township Board of Education.


There are three seats open for the Holmdel Township Board of Education in the November Election.  Terrence Wall, a current member of the Board, is running for re-election.  In an attempt to gain support for himself and the two candidates he supports, Mr. Wall has completely crossed the line by peddling false and misleading information about three rival candidates, Collur, Tuccillo, and Wang, all in direct violation of the Code of Ethics for School Board Members.  


In a robocall sent on October 2, 2021, Mr. Wall made the accusation that the “labor union is running a ticket to take the schools over”.   He went on to state that the union is running three newcomers led by a union leader.  Mr. Wall also published social media postings designed to reinforce his robocall message.


There is no basis in fact for Terrence Wall’s assertions and he provides no evidence whatsoever to support his claims.


Moreover, voters should know that the accusations are coming from a person who has a history of untrustworthiness. In 2001, while serving on the Holmdel Township Committee, Mr. Wall was censured by the Holmdel Township Committee for releasing confidential information.  Then, in 2006, Mr. Wall charged former Mayor Serena DiMaso of making anti-Semitic remarks about a member of the Planning Board without producing any evidence to back up his claim. A 2006 news article criticized Mr. Wall’s practice of accusing others with no proof to support his accusations. See:


Collur, Tuccillo, and Wang share common goals: to improve communications and transparency of the Board, to end confusing shuffling of principals and key staff without adequate explanation, and to make academic excellence a priority again.  They decided to run together under the slogan of Better Holmdel Education because they have common values.


Two of these three candidates, Collur and Wang, have no connection whatsoever with unions.  The third candidate, Tuccillo, is a speech language pathologist and a member of the Child Study Team for Special Education students in the Freehold Township School District and a union representative in the Freehold Township School district.  Even more important, Ms. Tuccillo, is a Holmdel parent with one child who has gone through Holmdel’s school district and three more children who are currently in various schools in Holmdel (from Village to the High School).  She, of course, has a vested interest in Holmdel’s school district goals and objectives and what is best for her children.  As a teacher, she can bring a knowledgeable perspective to the school board whose job is to determine a vision that’s best for our children.


School board elections should be about our children and not politics, let alone DIRTY POLITICS.


Their priorities are to:


  1. Improve communications, transparency, and accountability of the Holmdel Board of Education

  2. Hire a permanent Superintendent for our school district

  3. Make classrooms fun and help students embrace challenges

  4. Prepare students for a STEM world they will inherit, and

  5. Effectively allocate budget dollars without raising taxes


Vote Line 2 – Collur, Tuccillo, and Wang for Holmdel Board of Education!

The quality of our schools impacts our children, their college options, future job market readiness, and the value of our homes.  Our children deserve better.


Vote Collur, Tuccillo, and Wang on November 2.

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